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As souvenirs of my last trip to New Zealand, I brought back with me raw pauas (abalone) from the same family of our larger abalone brittany and a few carillons of driftwood from my clothing made on the pages of the low. The paua has a very blue mother-of-pearl color that has marveled my mirettes in new zealand. At a point where I wondered what they were doing to extract the mother of pearl under this layer of limestone and other residues of the sea. After several tests (not very conclusive with chloridric acid) I decided to contact one of the last nacriers of France which offers courses. So here I am in Burgundy as a young apprentice. On my return I therefore installed a small workshop with the equipment to play and finish polishing my pauas. I was surprised when looking good, our rivers could offer a beautiful driftwood, so I started to make chimes, lamps .... After a few Christmas steps the idea of ​​a shop began to settle down and here is a proposition of trade with my commune of childhood, cere the round is offered.

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